Securing the Future of Pakistan – One Child at a Time

More than ____ children went missing in Pakistan in 2017-18. Of these < —> children were from Sindh. While the authorities recovered 650 kids, the whereabouts of remaining 250 remaining unknown. Unfortunately, this number is climbing steadily in the current year.

While Sindh Police has put its best resources on missing children cases, the results remain disheartening. The traditional way of doing things isn’t working anymore. It can take weeks for parents to register a case, and afterwards the administrative processes and conventional protocols further slow down the process. The entire practice is marred with latency.

This is where Zainab Alert comes in.

The countdown to locating a missing child starts the moment someone alerts the law enforcement officials. This is why it is imperative that parents and others concerned for the child’s well-being, immediately inform the authorities.

The Need for Zainab Alert

Zainab Alert gives the residents of Sindh a quick, efficient and effective method of reporting the case of a missing child. Technology has made a quantifiable contribution to this area all across the world: it is helping bring home thousands of missing children. And with Zainab Alert, we can replicate its success in the home front as well. This app will make it easier to report incidents, and help us get pertinent information out to the public. Speed is of the essence in cases of missing children, and this app will help us overcome traditional barriers such as loss of time and a long reporting process.

Zainab Alert is activated in case of missing child cases. The goal is to instantly bring together local communities and law enforcement officials, ensuring a thorough search for, and safe rescue of a missing child. The initiative is brought forth by Sindh Police, Intelligence, CPLC, and ______.